Payments On FireTM podcast series is where payment issues are reviewed, dissected, and batted around with industry leaders. In other words, a good conversation between payments geeks.

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Episode 215 – From the Vault: On Faster Payments in the U.S. (Episode 10)

We find ourselves pondering many questions since the FedNow® launch, the third fast payments network introduced in the US.

To gain perspective on the questions that have been asked and answered, and those that remain, we’re giving a second listen to Episode 10 - when George Peabody sat down with Carol Coye Benson to discuss The Clearing House’s announced plans for a multi-year effort that resulted in their fast payments network, RTP®. 

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Episode 214 – We Just Can’t Stop Talking About Tokenization

In this episode, Chris Uriarte and Russ Jones discuss how tokens are implemented in the “card present” and “card not present” environments and how EMV tokens are becoming normalized in interchange tables, scheme fees, and provider services. As tokens move squarely into mainstream card processing, this conversation highlights important distinctions in network and provider implementations, fees, and regulations that should be on everyone’s radar.

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Episode 213 – From the Vault: Payment Tokenization Continues to Roll (Episode 21)

Network tokenization - the promised land of payments. Like most promised lands, the journey there is epic and, well, hard.

One question we hear from our clients, workshop participants, and the folks in our Merchant Round Table is: Are we there yet?

We dug into our vault to understand the journey - where we started and how far we’ve come. We found Episode 21, when George Peabody and Russ Jones discussed network tokenization (aka issuer tokenization, aka EMV tokenization).

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Episode 212 – Creating Customer Success in the Age of Embedded Finance with Ashley Isenberg, VP Revenue & Strategic Partnerships at Finix

Payments and financial products are regulated, complex, and often require support at the critical moment of the transaction or afterward. How is customer support evolving to meet the needs of companies and customers in the world of embedded finance? How should providers be thinking about customer support? 

In this episode, Yvette sits down with Ashley Isenberg, VP of Revenue and Strategic Partnerships at Finix, and Glenbrook’s Drew Edmond to explore the ongoing evolution of customer support in the payments industry.

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Episode 211 – AI Unleashed: Exploring Fresh Horizons in Payments with Frank Young and Russ Jones

The Payments Industry is interesting because it is constantly changing, and technology has always been a significant change agent. For decades, networks, processors, PSPs, merchants, and financial institutions have invested in technology to increase adoption, create new services, manage risk, and accelerate initiation, clearing, and settlement. 

How might AI transform the payments industry? And how should organizations mobilize for this transformation? It’s time to start talking about this topic seriously - with each other - and not just asking ChatGPT. 

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Episode 210 – From the Vault: Bitcoin Discussion with Scott Loftesness (Episode 1)

Innovation in the payments industry is a funny thing. Sometimes payments lead. Sometimes technology leads. Increasingly around the world, regulators lead.

In preparing for an upcoming podcast on AI, Yvette thought about Glenbrook’s first Payments on Fire podcast episode - in 2014 - on Bitcoin. So we’re pulling it from the vault to share.

If you have ever wanted to be a fly on the wall while industry thought leaders contemplated the implications of something new, here’s your chance. This is eavesdropping at its best - and a great reminder that innovation and disruption are not just about technical feasibility.

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