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August 24, 2018

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Deutsche Bank buys stake in Modo to expand payments biz to non-bank platforms


“Founded in 2010, Dallas-based Modo works to reduce friction in the payments industry through technology that creates interoperability between systems, without needing changes to those systems. Deutsche Bank says that Modo’s technology will help it expand its existing digital B2B and B2C payments business. In particular, it will help extend payments into non-bank payment platforms such as Alipay, Paypal, M-Pesa and WeChat, beyond traditional banking channels into mobile wallets and P2P networks.”

August 14, 2018

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August 13, 2018

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Microservice architecture – throughout the business

Banking Technology

“Microservice architecture is defined as a method for development of an application in which the large application is divided into small modular services. Each service performs one thing extremely well – it assists a specific business goal and uses simple language with well-defined interfaces to communicate with other services.”

Issuing Overview

Stripe documentation

“Stripe Issuing is our end-to-end platform to quickly create, control, and distribute physical and virtual cards. When you issue a new card, Stripe generates all of the required information and creates a new card for the cardholder. Physical cards can be customized, printed, and shipped directly to you or your cardholders. Virtual cards are immediately available and can be used with digital wallets like Apple Pay.”

August 3, 2018

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Starling Bank Unveils Banking-as-a-Platform APIs


“These businesses can pick and choose individual components and features, as they use Starling’s banking licence – which means they do not need to be regulated themselves. Raisin UK is Starling’s first business client for this offer, an online savings marketplace that allows customers to pick savings deals on the market to meet their individual needs. Through Starling’s API, Raisin UK will be able to open accounts for each customer, collect their deposits and place them at their network of partner banks that participate in its marketplace.”

August 2, 2018

Top Post

Square Now Lets Developers Use Its Reader To Build Custom Checkout Experiences


Square, the company you know from your favorite coffee shop’s checkout counter, is opening up its Reader hardwareto developers. Using the new Square Reader SDK, developer swill be able to build their own custom checkout and point of sale experiences, no matter wether that’s a self-ordering kiosk, a mobile app for waiters or any other similar service.”

July 26, 2018

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Hong Kong Launches Open API


“In a push to move Hong Kong’s financial sector into the era of «Smart Banking», the Hong Kong Monetary Authority said an open application programming interface, or API, will be launched on its official website for public access from Monday.  «Open API can help to ensure the competitiveness of the banking sector, encourage more parties to provide innovative and integrated services that improve customer experience,» said HKMA in its statement.  It will first release 50 sets of financial data and important information next week, followed by another 80 sets of information in later stages until the middle of next year. These cover frequently assessed information such as statistics on Hong Kong dollar exchange rates, interest rates, the banking sector and the Exchange Fund, which is used to back the currency.”

July 13, 2018

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Advances In Real Time (Case Study)

MIT Press Journals (PDF)

“[T]he rise of digital financial services has changed the nature of payments and payment platforms in many ways. Customers can transfer money across great distances with a few taps on their mobile phones, with low or no associated fees. Providers can reach customers they weren’t able to before—namely, people with very limited assets who are either unbanked or underserved by predigital financial services. In emerging economies, telecoms and other non-bank institutions are stepping in to take advantage of this opportunity by offering digital payment services, such as mobile money.”

June 29, 2018

On the web

Bento For Business Raises $9m Funding


“Bento for Business provides SME owners with a card-based digital spending management solution that enables employers to prevent unauthorised expenditures by controlling when, where, and how much their employees spend at the point of sale. The platform stops unapproved business spend before the purchase, saving time and money on returns and cancellations. The technology also has features like receipt upload and the ability to automatically sync Bento with accounting systems like Quickbooks to reduce the need for expense reports.”

April 11, 2018

On the wires

Galileo Launches Global Cryptocurrency API Solution

Galileo, one of the largest and most innovative payments processors and program managers in North America for prepaid, debit, credit and virtual transaction processing, today announced the launch of the Galileo Cryptocurrency API to bridge the gap between cryptocurrencies and mainstream payments. Galileo’s cryptocurrency solution enables customers to seamlessly deposit funds denominated in cryptocurrencies to their accounts, and spend those funds with the ease and immediacy they’re accustomed to when using payments cards or mobile applications.”

March 14, 2018

On the web

Previewing Android P

Android Developers Blog

“Android P adds an implementation of the GlobalPlatform Open Mobile API to Android. On supported devices, apps can use the OMAPI API to access secure elements (SE) to enable smart-card payments and other secure services. A hardware abstraction layer (HAL) provides the underlying API for enumerating a variety of Secure Elements (eSE, UICC, and others) available.”

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