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in Payments

The payments industry is evolving at an unprecedented pace. With new technologies, regulations, and products, successfully managing risk in this innovative era is challenging. Effectively navigating payments-related operational, regulatory, and financial risks is critical to success. Whether you are implementing new forms of payment, making decisions about vendors and technology, or creating new payments products, this workshop will help you identify and plan for the key risks relevant to your objectives.

  • Who Attends

    Glenbrook's Payments Education Program is useful for both experienced managers, who often want to be updated on what's happening in areas outside of their immediate domain, and for newcomers, who need a broad overview of the U.S. payments systems to create a context for their work.

    Over 30,000 payments professionals have attended Glenbrook workshops. Attendees have included product, strategy and sales managers, technology operations and risk managers, investors, inventors and analysts, management teams from payments startups.


1. What Do We Mean by Payments Risk?

  • Key terms in payments risk management
  • Defining categories of payments risk
  • How payments risks are managed: controls, monitors, exception reports, and investigations

2. Identifying the Risks that Matter

  • What are the risks in key payments systems?
  • Emerging payments and their new (and not so new) risks
  • Falling through the cracks, leaky pipes, and single points of failure: finding and quantifying risks

3. Risk Management Stakeholders

  • Who is responsible for managing risk in the payments industry?
  • Building stronger organizations, customer experiences, and better products with risk management

4. The Anatomy of Fraud

  • What kind of risk is fraud?
  • How fraud manifests itself in payments
  • Spotlight: Equifax and the impact of data breaches on risk management
  • Technology trends in fraud detection

5. Regulation

  • Who regulates payments risk?
  • Key regulations and guidelines – AML, KYC, sanctions screening, and more
  • The ying and yang of risk management and privacy
  • Global regulatory trends we’re watching – Privacy vs. Know Your Customer, managing risk in an Open Banking world, developments in ACH

6. The Economics of Risk Management

  • Who bears the costs of risk?
  • When risk pays – the winners and losers in risk economics

7. The Future of Payments Risk Management

  • The intended and unintended consequences of Machine Learning
  • Identity and authentication – 2-factor authentication, the rise and fall of passwords, and more
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