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Blockchain-based payments – whether supporting cryptocurrency, stablecoins or central bank digital currencies – have finally come of age. In this workshop, we will look at the history of “digital coins” and explore why Bitcoin created a breakthrough in this space. Then we begin with the fundamentals of today’s blockchain-based payments, starting with key definitions and characteristics, the value chains for these systems, the stakeholders who support and use them, and core technology. We will explore these fundamentals further as we look at examples of cryptocurrencies, stablecoins and central bank digital currencies. The workshop concludes with a discussion of some important trends and experiments in this space.

  • Who Attends

    Glenbrook's Payments Education Program is useful for both experienced managers, who often want to be updated on what's happening in areas outside of their immediate domain, and for newcomers, who need a broad overview of the U.S. payments systems to create a context for their work.

    Over 23,000 payments professionals have attended Glenbrook workshops. Attendees have included product, strategy and sales managers, technology operations and risk managers, investors, inventors and analysts, management teams from payments startups.


1. Early Digital Cash

  • Early pioneers of “electronic cash”
  • Key innovations and outcomes
  • Bitcoin’s Breakthrough

2. Key Concepts

  • Account-based vs Token-based Payments
  • Virtual, Crypto, Digital: What are we talking about?
  • Comparing Core Dimensions: Electronic vs Virtual Systems
  • Value Chains for Blockchain-based Systems

3. Stakeholders 

  • End User and their Use Cases
  • Commercial Banks, Networks, Processors, PSPs, and other Incumbents
  • Regulators and Central Banks
  • New Stakeholders – Cryptocurrency Exchanges, VASPs, 

4. Core Technologies

  • Blockchain Ledgers
  • End User Wallets
  • Smart Contracts

5. Virtual Currency Systems and Example Implementations

  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Spotlight: CashApp – Wallets as Custodians
  • Stablecoins
  • Spotlight: Mapping Diem into Payments
  • Central Bank Digital Currency
  • Spotlight: China’s CBDC Initiative

 6. Key Trends

  • Regulatory Pivots
  • Financial Institution Developments
  • Payment Network Developments
  • Streamlining Cross-border Payments
  • Spotlight: Project Jasper
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