The New Point of Sale

The New Point of Sale

The point of sale in the United States is in the process of going through the early stages of a multi-year period of dramatic change.  We are simultaneously witnessing a major shift in base-line technology – the move from mag stripe devices to EMV and NFC capable equipment, and a shift in technology and business models which are moving even many major merchants away from terminals entirely. 

We believe the impact of this will stretch far beyond just EMV and NFC, impacting the introduction of new products and services, enabling a whole new class of customer loyalty and marketing, as well as other important commerce capabilities.

What’s happening, and what’s important?

Join Glenbrook’s Allen Weinberg and Russ Jones as they explore the landscape in an expert session. 


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Glenbrook's Russ Jones is the program manager. 

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Workshop Topics

1. New POS Introduction

  • Old world POS characteristics and key vendors
  • POS and role in data breaches
  • Making card data unusable
  • Mobile devices and app stores
  • Mobile impact on payments

2. EMV State of Market

  • EMV background
  • EMV roadmap for U.S.
  • Issuer and merchant approach to EMV
  • Current state of EMV adoption in U.S.

3. Tokenization State of Market

  • Security tokens and key technology providers
  • EMVco payment tokens and token service providers

4. E2E Encryption State of Market

  • Card present acceptance domain – how the electrons move
  • Who We’re Watching – First Data, RSA, Voltage

5. Apple Pay Tear Down

  • Key components – iPhone, iPad, and Watch
  • Value proposition – consumer, merchant, issuer
  • Provisioning process and linkages to tokenization
  • Transaction model

6. Mobile POS Systems

  • Mobile POS building blocks
  • Current issues and key trends
  • Who We’re Watching – Square, iZettle, ezeTap, Zoop, and PayPal Here

7. Cloud POS Systems

  • Cloud POS building blocks
  • Current issues and key trends
  • Who We’re Watching – Clover, Leaf, NCR Silver, Powa, Poynt, Revel Systems, Shopify, Square, and Verifone

8. Digital Receipts @ POS

  • Evolution of digital receipts
  • Value proposition for consumers and for merchants
  • Key players and trends
  • Example – Transaction Tree

9. Redefining Checkout

  • Table checkout
  • Self checkout
  • Order ahead
  • Embedded Experience

10. Beacon Personalization

  • Understanding Bluetooth LE and Beacons
  • Payments and Beacons
  • Key solution providers
  • Multi-merchant and merchant-specific examples