Innovation in Payments

Innovation in Payments 

Glenbrook's Innovation in Payments Workshop is offered several times a year as a small group session focusing on what's new and what's important.

These workshops are designed for alumni of Glenbrook's Payments Boot Camps - or other people who consider themselves already well versed in the "basics" of the industry.

The agenda for each session changes based on what's happening in the industry.  The format ensures a highly interactive session!


Upcoming Session

  • Palo Alto, CA - December 8, 2016

All of Glenbrook's Payments Insight Workshops are available as private workshops or webinar series.

Glenbrook's Russ Jones is the program manager. 

Meet Russ


1. Innovation in Payments

  • Glenbrook’s framework for evaluating new payment initiatives
  • Examples of notable successes and failures

2. Card Network Update

  • What Card Networks Do
  • How Card Networks Compare
  • Opportunities and Challenges by Brand

3. Faster Money in the U.S.

  • Motivations and key concepts
  • NACHA – Same Day ACH
  • The Clearing House – Real-Time Payments Initiative
  • Federal Reserve – Faster Payments Roadmap

4. Tokenization Fundamentals

  • Tokenization Concepts and Approaches
  • Security Tokens - Current Model and Likely Evolution
  • EMVco Payment Tokens - Flows, Roles, and Data Elements
  • Other Tokenization Initiatives on the Horizon

5. Digital Payments – POS Mobile Wallets

  • Apple Pay – How it Works, Key Components, Stakeholder Value Propositions
  • Android Pay vs Samsung Pay vs Chase Pay
  • Other Contenders - PayPal, CurrentC (MCX), and NFC Banking Apps

6. Digital Payments - Checkout Wallets

  • Visa Checkout, MasterCard MasterPass, and AmEx Express Checkout
  • How They Work; How They Differ
  • Current Positioning and Likely Evolution

7. Beacon Personalization

  • Understanding Bluetooth LE and Beacons
  • Payments and Beacons
  • Key solution providers
  • Multi-merchant and merchant-specific examples

8. Wearables and Payments

  • Understanding wearables; capabilities and processing model
  • Role of payments in wearables ecosystem
  • Examples

9. Bitcoin and Blockchain

  • Blockchain 1.0 – Bitcoin as an emerging alternative payment method
  • Blockchain 2.0 – Distributed ledgers in financial services
  • Blockchain 3.0 – Distributed ledgers and digital assets