Global Payments

Global Payments 

Cross-border payments are unquestionably one of the largest - and most lucrative - of the opportunity spaces in payments today.  Navigating these waters is tricky - it helps to understand the basic infrastructures that make all of this work.  Glenbrook's Global Payments workshop is designed to do just that.
 -- Elizabeth McQuerry

Many of our clients are global, and have payments professionals in locations around the world who want to stay current on developments in payments. Other clients are based in the United States but are expanding globally, and need to understand - and support - the payments needs of their customers, suppliers, employees, and partners.

Glenbrook's new Global Payments Workshop can be delivered either as an in-person training session at a location of your choice (in a one or two day format), or as a series of webinars.


  • Next Session - October 15, 2015
  • Location - Palo Alto, CA

Glenbrook's Elizabeth McQuerry is the program manager. 

Meet Elizabeth

Workshop Topics

  • Country Payments Systems
    How countries run their payments systems; commonalities and differences among countries; payments system regulation; basic payments system economic models; global payments trends
  • Cross-Border Payments
    How sending money from one country to another works; wire transfer systems, SWIFT, and correspondent banking; foreign exchange
  • Cross-Border Systems
    Alternatives to cross-border wire transfers: cross-border card payments; money transfer systems; informal transfer systems
  • Global ACH
    How country ACH systems are interconnecting; FedGlobal; IPFA; how this may effect cross-border wires and card payments
  • Cross-Border Use Cases - Supplier Payments (B2B)
    How businesses pay suppliers across borders; cross-currency and same-currency payments; enterprise attitudes towards bank and non-bank solution providers; incumbents and challengers
  • Cross-Border Use Cases - eCommerce
    How cross-border eCommerce works when it isn’t just cards: Global PSPs and connections to local country payments systems; economic models for eRetailing, travel, online services and digital content
  • Cross-Border Use Cases - Payouts (B2C and G2C)
    How enterprises pay employees, contractors, developers and publishers in multiple countries; the challenges of reaching developing countries
  • Cross-Border Use Cases - International Remittances
    The major corridors for worker’s remittances; formal and informal systems; mobile wallets; cross-border prepaid cards; incumbents and challengers

Meet the Team

Our courses are taught by members of the Glenbrook team - payments professionals who have been there, done that.  Team bios