Business-to-Business Payments

Business-to-Business Payments

We’re seeing a wave of really new thinking in the B2B space - much of it capitalizing on payments platforms and enabling technologies that simply didn’t exist five years ago.
— Erin McCune

The B2B domain is enormous - huge transaction volume and mind-boggling dollar volumes.  Yet this critical area of payments is perhaps the least well-served domain in the industry.  What does that translate into?  Big opportunities for payments providers!

Why are paper payments (or inefficient electronic payments) so dominant in this world?  Who is on the right track to capitalize on these opportunities:  Join Glenbrook's Erin McCune and Bryan Derman for a lively session focused on who's doing what right!


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Workshop Topics

1. B2B Overview

  • Terminology and market size
  • Differences between consumer and business payments
  • Role of payments in the Financial Supply Chain
  • B2B volume by payment method
  • B2B Payments trends

2. B2B Market Requirements

  • Enterprise payment requirements
  • B2B Payments and Credit
  • Suppliers and buyers in sync and at odds
  • eProcurement evolution

3. B2B Payment Methods

  • Economic sectors in B2B Payments
  • B2B Checks – Disbursement and lockbox processing
  • B2B ACH – History and evolution
  • B2B Card Payments – Models and challenges

4. B2B Invoices

  • Invoice creation, delivery, and receipt processing
  • eInvoice needs and perceptions by stakeholder

5. Players and Trends

  • FinTech Providers Serving Corporates and Banks
  • Accounting and ERP = Systems of Record
  • Invoicing and Billing Solutions for B2B and B2C
  • B2B Networks (and Network Fantasies)
  • Enabling B2B Card Payments
  • SMB Solutions Focus
  • Global B2B Payments: Ripe for Disruption
  • 21st Century Financing
  • Faster Payments and the B2B Use Case

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