Russ Jones

Russ Jones

So the mobile wallet knows a lot, but does it know what the consumer buys? That’s the million dollar question. Actually, probably a multi-hundred million question.
— Who Knows What In Payments? Payments Views, Jan 2012

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Russ brings clients over 25 years of experience as an executive, analyst, and consultant. He is an industry pioneer in the commercial use of Internet technologies, and brings a strong background in payments industry analysis, strategy development, and product conceptualization.

With Glenbrook, Russ currently works with clients in all aspects of global payments strategy including global acceptance, alternative payments, risk management, and digital identity.

Before joining Glenbrook, Russ was a general partner with The NuVantage Group, an innovation-to-market consulting group, where his clients included CommerceNet and the Financial Services Technology Consortium. Earlier, Russ served as director of emerging technologies for Digital Equipment’s corporate research group in Palo Alto.

Russ is the Partner in Charge of Glenbrook's research efforts. He is also part of Glenbrook's Merchant Payments Roundtable program, and is the editor of Payments News, a payments industry news aggregation service provided by Glenbrook.

In addition to his work as a consultant, Russ is the Partner in Charge of Glenbrook's Payments Boot Camp program. This unique program provides executive training for professionals in the payments industry. Glenbrook Payments Boot Camps are held throughout the year both as public events and as customized, private sessions for clients. 

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