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Erin McCune

Erin focuses her client engagement work on business-to-business payments, bill payment, government disbursements and collections, and cross-border transactions. She has a nuanced understanding of the challenges of linking payments to business applications (CRM, accounting/ERP, procurement, logistics/supply chain, etc.). Erin is actively exploring how blockchain technology can address these issues.

Erin has nearly 20 years of experience leading increasingly complex payment initiatives for corporate clients. She advises financial technologists and financial institutions on the development of their solutions for enterprises, billers, and governments. She is proud of her role within the industry as an advocate for small business, biller, and government users of payments.

In addition to consulting Erin leads Glenbrook’s competitive intelligence practice. Glenbrook ‘Market Scan’ programs help clients understand not only who is doing what in the industry, but also why it matters to them and what the strategic consequences may be.

Before joining Glenbrook, Erin was the founder of Forte Financial, a consulting firm focused on corporate finance efficiency, data accuracy, and technology implementation. Her work is grounded in proven change leadership and program management methodology, ensuring lasting results. She believes that “great strategy and clever technology solutions are too often casualties of poor execution” and is therefore committed to supporting clients from concept to reality.

She is also a contributor to Glenbrook’s Payments Views blogErin’s blog posts and articles cover topics related to bill pay, business transactions, cross-border wires (no such thing exists!), government payments, and financial process improvement.

Erin holds a B.A. in English from the University of California, Davis, and an MBA from the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California. She is a past president of the Financial Women’s Association of San Francisco and is also a two-term past president of the San Francisco Treasury Management Association.