Carol Coye Benson

Carol Coye Benson


On the requirements for "Faster Payments" in the U.S.:  

As the user requirements teams form and debate, let’s keep in mind one simple requirement – ubiquity. Let’s have a system that allows anyone with a bank account to pay anyone else with a bank account – on the same terms, and at the same time. After all, checks do it, ACH does it, debit cards do it – surely we want the new thing to be at least as good as the old things? And then, maybe we could think about it allowing payment from anyone with a payment account (not just in a bank!) to transfer money to anyone else with a payment account?
— "Faster Now Faster?" May 5, 2015 - Payments Views

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Carol is a founding partner of Glenbrook. Carol offers clients over 25 years of experience in product, marketing, and strategy development with leading financial services providers in both wholesale and retail financial services.

Carol's practice at Glenbrook focuses on financial inclusion, mobile payments, national infrastructures, and emerging technologies for financial services.

Before founding Glenbrook Partners, Carol was a managing director of the Global Institutional Services division of Deutsche Bank, in charge of marketing, client online services, and Internet development. 

At Visa International, she led a group conducting early work on the use of credit cards online, and a project that pioneered database marketing and related consumer-privacy issues. Carol also founded and managed Visa's European product-development office, where she led a series of electronic-commerce and chip-card projects designed to bring European banks online.

Prior to her career with Visa International, Carol spent twelve years with Citibank, where she managed the development and market introduction of new payments products. Carol began her career as a corporate lending officer for large multinationals at both Bank of America and Citibank.

Carol is co-author of the book "Payments Systems in the U.S."

She has an A.B. from Bryn Mawr College in Psychology, and an M.B.A. from Columbia University in Finance and Marketing. 

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