Industry Collaboration

 "The roundtable has been an incredibly effective - and time-efficient - way for participants to follow the fast-moving parts of the industry."
-- Allen Weinberg

Glenbrook can help industry groups work together to understand changing conditions in the payments industry. Glenbrook can convene groups, arrange agendas and lead discussions on topics of mutual interest to the group.

The Merchant Payments Roundtable


The Merchant Payments Roundtable (MPR) is an invitation-only group of the senior payments people at some of the largest eCommerce merchants in the U.S.  Created and run by Glenbrook, the group is quite unique in that, unlike other industry groups, it is funded entirely by the merchants without the outside influence or even the attendance of the card systems, acquirers and vendors.

The group currently consists of ActiveNetworks, Amazon, Apple, Comcast, Digital River, EA, eBay, Facebook, GoDaddy, Google, Groupon, Grubhub/Seamless, LinkedIn, LL Bean, Microsoft, NetFlix, PayPal, Sears Holding, Evine (ShopNBC), Skype, Uber, Vesta, Walmart, and Western Union.

The group convenes twice a year for two days to discuss a variety of subjects.  Glenbrook prepares a substantial amount of material to both inform and to lead discussions around new products, new technologies, legal and regulatory issues, card association/system activities, cross-border issues, best practices, and a variety of other topics.

Questions about the Merchant Payments Roundtable?
Glenbrook's Allen Weinberg is the program manager.

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